Thursday, October 23, 2014

Updates to Info Tech As I see It

While this blog isn't as popular as I'd like it to be I know there are enough readers who do to merit an explanation as to why all the video links suddenly went dead last week.

The reason is simple and is directly related to the content I provide.  You see, I was hit by the #microstopped YouTube takedown last week.  The videos in question were two of my most popular on using Windows 8 Enterprise edition.  Apparently thousands of people found the information useful in the 2+ years they were on my channel.

Unfrotunately a clueless marketing lackey for Microsoft thought that I and thousands of others had no right to share the information.

Well, fast forward to this week and suddenly there's a new source for those same videos.  I've made a brand new YouTube channel with all the content of my former one but without the unrelated clutter you had to sift through to find the infomation you want.

The channel is called IT Mostly on YouTube and will serve as the official video partner to this blog.  You can find it at the link in the sidebar as well as here:

By the way, the YouTube copyright strike has been removed and those same 2 videos are back up and in public circulation again and will remain so until further notice.

For more on the story see this article on my other blog, Digital Dyanmic, here.

For a sampler of what's on the YouTube channel, I invite you to try out the playlist I've provided below.

That's all for now.

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