Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What makes Windows 10 so bad?

Windows 10 is both the most advanced and most controversial operating system ever released.  Its focus on unifying the Windows experience across a myriad of devices is laudable but the premise of its launch is suspect.

While proponents and shills of Microsoft's latest SALES platform treat such observations as the ravings of the tin foil hat crowd, a cooler head finds legitimate issues with Satya Nadella's strategy for the platform.  

Ask yourself the following questions....

Can anyone trust an operating system that constantly monitors your habits for no other purpose than to sell you something?

Is it OK to force an operating system upgrade that you don't want? 

Let me show you why I can't take Windows 10 seriously in the video below...

Online Job Boards suck

What the "experts" tell you is true.  Online job boards are a waste of time.  In fact I've NEVER gotten a job using an online job board.  I either knew someone, went directly to the company site or found out about the job some other way.

The video below shows just how useless sites like and ZipRecruiter can be especially if you rely on them to give you updated job postings.

Watch and learn.

Friday, May 20, 2016

If you think I'm plain spoken...

I ran across this YouTuber a few months back. His name is Louis Rossmann and he runs a successful repair business in New York City primarily dealing with Apple hardware from what I've gathered.

He's down to earth, plain spoken and entertaining to watch all while offering up good information.

If only more people in IT were like this guy.

This video shows him looking at typical IT job listings and showing us just how ridiculous they are.

If you're feeling down just remember that Louis wouldn't get the time of day from anyone who posted these jobs regardless of his level of talent and business success.

Check him out and subscribe if you find his musings valuable...

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Take control of those nightmare technical interviews

I had a recent experience that was a perfect example of what it's like to go through a bad technical interview.

I say "bad" because the whole time I was there it was less about what I knew and more about trying to make me look like an idiot.

Yeah, I know there's such a thing as the hot seat and technical interviews are designed to be tough.  But we strayed from the technical into the psychological for no good reason other than one of the guys across the table from me just wasn't going to ever be a fan.  It became a game of minefields.

Thing is, I wasn't playing which just made the inquisitor across the table make more of an ass out of himself the longer it went on.

I've often said that the interview process is adversarial.  The premise being that you're either lying, unqualified or unworthy of being in the same room with a "guru."

In the video below I give you some pointers on how to get the best outcome you can without sacrificing your dignity in the process.

If you can, make a positive out of a negative.